Energex Power Regulator


A number of people would gladly accept any energy saving products offered in the market. What with the forever growing number of electrical gadgets to make our life easier. Electricity saving is now the priority of most household. You can find various electricity saving device in the market. It comes with diverse effective functions. Some are affordable enough, others are too expensive, some are not that safe to use and there are some with very low quality. What the household really need is an energy saving device that is effective, cost wise, high quality and durable.

This is why the Energex regulator was created. RMP sees the need and had to act upon it to help augment the electrical expenses. The Energex Power Regulator was developed by E-Save Technology’s Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Energex is a highly affordable but very efficient Power Regulator. While you are saving the power at the same time, it enhances the functional ability of the appliance. It also stabilizes the voltage supply and unpredictable circuit interference.

Studies prove that Energex can lower down your electricity use by 33%, which is ideal. In emergency cases, the regulator will prevent appliance damage. Because it is capable of storing energy, it only releases sufficient power needed by the appliance. The motor life are preserved and extended. This provides a good prevention for any possible electrical overheating of the wirings.

The safety of Energex Regulator is warranted by the approval given by RTC. You can easily apply it in any premise or areas with electrical needs. Effective, affordable, reasonable, and most of all, provides sufficient safety. The regulator is made of high quality materials that is why it is maintenance free. Available in single-phase circuit and three-phase which is usually use for industries. For precaution, since the regulator is capable of storing power, do not touch the metal on the plug while the Led light is still on.


September 7, 2009 at 8:18 AM  

can u say how this product works.
i need its technical explanation