Executive Slim Pair Watch


No matter how high tech the world has become the need to have a wrist watch is among the career peoples’ priority. It is imperative to have a wrist watch if you want to keep your appointments on time and keep track of all your moves. Having just a watch does not work because you need one that is dependable and durable. The watch will not only serve as time teller but is also among your accessories that speaks your personality. Having an elegant and flashy watch will boost your personality and gives you an edge over the others.

When you look for an executive watch, try the RPM line for they have a slim watch made by Swiss. Foce watches are not just for any body but for individuals who are career oriented and want to be in the stream of things. These watches are made of durable materials and the designs were artistically made for the young men and women of today. Quality is in the forefront of their company profile. Having a Foce brand watch assures you of the worth and value of your money.

Product Specification and Warranty

  • Water Resistant
  • Super slim with just the right touch of thinness
  • The whole set are given a 1 year warranty(International agreement)
  • Quartz type and plated with IPG with mineral glass
  • Facet is in gold print and the surround belt is jeweled
  • After sales damages and maintenance services are available
  • The whole set is packed in an elegant and attractive box which is also ready as a gift


Vijay said...
June 10, 2009 at 4:51 AM  

I like this product very much :)