Vacuum cleaners


In this day and age, who doesn’t want a vacuum cleaner for cleaning any premise that is quiet large? If the truth be told, even those who have minimal area dreamed of owning at least one vacuum cleaner for easier house cleaning. If your vacuum cleaner is a multi purpose one, isn’t that a bonus? There are various vacuum cleaners in the market today, but RMP Vacuum cleaner is very special. It is a multi purpose vacuum cleaner that comes with various ends for different cleaning purposes. Cleaning makes it more beckoning and exciting having the cleaning gear in handy.

Attachments includes

  1. Brush for Carpets which basically blind for that purpose
  2. Soft Brush for your upholstery that needs careful and meticulous cleaning
  3. Hard Brush for those metallic objects and furniture
  4. Circular Brush for tackling the floor
  5. Ideal Brush for your computer and other electronic gadgets
  6. Cleft designed vacuum ends to clean corners
  7. Nozzle for blowing air into balloons
  8. Vacuum end with Naphthalene ball holder that is capable of distributing vapor unto cupboards and other areas where you want it
  9. Pipes that could flex according to the corners design to make cleaning possible and easy
  10. Water Jar that could be attached to the vacuum tip used for watering plants.

Product Specification

  • Light weight( Fits into your palms)
  • Operates on a 230V power supply(with DC Adaptor) and 12V battery(Car Batteries)
  • A 12V main adaptor with 3 meters wire is included in the package