Portable Solar Lamp


There is a boundless functional capability our sun has to offer as long as its still there in the sky. Research has never stopped since the first invention of light. At the present the solar energy is among the studies that have been given sufficient attention. Solar power is now making a big difference in peoples’ lives. RMP will never leave in stone unturned. Before the rest to the gang are done with their search, RMP has already come up with a lamp powered by solar energy.

Because it is a solar energy lamp, the production is cheaper and could be well afforded even by the lower income brackets. Not is it affordable by it is very portable for the users’ convenience. Notice how the products specifications boosts the quality.

Product Specifications

  • Solar Unit: 6V – 3W/5W
  • Tube: 7W CFL 4 Pin/LED Bulbs
  • Battery: 6V 4.5AH
  • Emergency usage rate: 6 Hours (approximate battery charging time is 3 days)
  • Daily Use: 3 Hours in months where the sun is high
  • 2 Hours during the cloudy days
  • Packaging system: Corrugated box with one unit P V Panel
  • Weight: 3.2 Kg
  • Battery Indicators: Red for charging and Green for Full charge
  • Voltage Input: 6V
  • Inverter: Push and Pull is set in a high frequency


  • Table Top
  • 360 degrees lighting capability
  • Consistent lighting capability even if the weather condition changes