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As You read these lines, you will be wondering whether you are the person that this article is meant for. Since 2001, 50,00,000 people (as on today) like you asked the same question. The difference was evident when they said 'Yes' to RMP's invitation to 'Grow with Us'. And, what better way for those lucky men and women, very similar to yourself to build the fortune of their dreams? As days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, and months to years, the results of their dedicated work paid dividends beyond their wildest dreams...

The fact that you are reading this invitation to RMP prosperity is proof that you are searching for it. The question is: are you ready to accomplish it?! Right now, the RMP network is creating lakhs of opportunities to earn incomes beyond your dreams. Clearly, RMP's dream has come true in more ways than one. We are helping lakhs of our distributors to attain financial freedom. The solid gold RMP commitment 'Grow with Us' has paid rich dividenl1s in every level of Indian society.

As a valued distributor of the RMP network, you will find that Resources, Money and Power work like magic to create the wealth that you could only dream of, all your life.

Why RMP Works

It takes a winner to take an idea and convert it into a golden opportunity. RMP saw that opportunity seven years ago in three key sectors: Education, the Internet & Consumer Products. The founding ideal was a powerful one. In India - one of the world's largest consumer markets - Network Marketing when properly applied could be a money spinner. An endless source of riches and wealth. When RMP planned meticulously and executed with efficiency, it would work successfully. RMP is the story of that success. Here are four reasons why RMP became the answer to financial freedom to 50 lakh people like you:

The Brand Advantage

RMP was the first network marketing company to tie-up with reputed brands. It took a leader to tie-up with the leaders. RMP introduced brands from reputed companies like Tata-AIG, TVS Bikes, ICICI-Lombard, Reliance Infocom, Sterling Resorts, TCPS Compuer Education, Micro Technologies, BELTEK, Whirlppol, Compaq, Krypton, Videocon International, National Panasonic, Siyarams, Suitings, Kotak Urja, UK Gems, Bajaj Alliance Insurance through ECPL.

Customer Value for Money

RMP was the first company to allow its distributors to select a product or service of their choice. RMP offered its distributors the opportunity to purchase a product package of their choice. This combined value for money with a rich network marketing opportunity. This made RMP the first choice for lakhs of delighted distributors.

RMP Business Plan

In network marketing until RMP's inception, there was a long gestation period, normally 2 to 4 years. This unusually long period discouraged many hopefuls and created a high drop out rate. Realizing this, RMP introduced the Binary Income Plan, a quick-pay plan that provided instant income for distributors from day one. Shortly after that, RMP combined the Business Plan with the E-Commerce based income, bringing together short-term, medium-term and long-term income all under one business concept. For RMP, the results showed immediately. It was the best of both worlds!

RMP Online: www.rmpinfotec.biz

A key reason for RMP's market success is its business website: www.rmpinfotec.biz. This website has been the hub of online growth for the RMP network. Here, you can join RMP business around the clock, around the year! You are immediately given a RMP Track ID and your business progress, network growth are tracked level by level. Apart from information like commissions earned and paid, you can also shop online through RMP's E-Commerce Facility.

It goes without saying that RMP takes pride in its Indian identity. As a responsible corporate citizen, RMP ensures that it sells only Indian products boosting the local economy. Further, every effort is made to pay Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise Duty, TDS and Service Tax. RMP's green efforts, planting medicinal herbs and plants, at RMP Nagar are another area of achievement. RMP today has nine countrywide offices supported by a dedicated workforce, an integrated IT system, a planned Logistics and a professional management. All these reasons make RMP the qualified answer to your financial freedom.




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July 26, 2009 at 8:00 AM  


dears i am RAVI SHANKAR NAIDU, my life is in a very bad shape now...i kept my bike paper with a private finance person & taken loan to get in to R M P .....but i am very much confident that i will become that rich one fine day i will finance to others.....call me to give me your latest ideas at - 99 86 36 47 47

RMPInfotec said...
August 11, 2009 at 1:02 PM  

RMP is the best company in India right now. Let us all grow together

Nitin said...
October 7, 2009 at 2:10 AM  


I would like to share with you the details of an MLM business opportunity offered by RMP Infotec Pvt Ltd - the fastest growing MLM company in India!

Let me assure you that the above business is quite unique and unlike any other plan in the country. You can get to know all about the company from their website: www.rmpinfotec.biz, but I shall try to sum up the difference briefly.

RMP Infotec is a company promoted by Mahavir Group of Industries, Chennai & PTR Engineering, Chennai. The former have their activities in 14 different fields, but their main business is in Steel Industry. They supply steel to HYUNDAI MOTORS and various other reputed companies. PTR Engineering is in construction business and is known as the L&T of south India.

The MLM opportunity offered by them can be availed by purchasing any of the 15 products listed in their website when you automatically become the distributor. There is no other investment or any other purchase you have to make during your life-time, whereas in all other major MLM business, you have you purchase the products often to keep the PV value. It is just one-time purchase and the opportunity is offered to you for a lifetime.

The company has tie-up with many big groups in India like – Reliance, TVS, ICICI, TATA, Whirlpool, Bajaj Alliance etc. for their various products, which itself shows the strength of the company.

Once you become the Distributor, all you have to do is to use the product, like the product and if you like the product, recommend to product to two people. If your recommendation results in sales, the company immediately compensates you with a payout of Rs.1000/- per pair. You can recommend any of the 15 products marketed by the company and it is not necessary that you can recommend only the product that you have purchased. If you wish to earn more money, you can recommend the product for more people for more regular income.

One distributor is allowed to sponsor only TWO persons under him in business – one on the left and one on the right and if they independently work on their own, for every pair (One on your left side and one on your right) you will get Rs. 1000/- as it is based on American Binary plan. As the tree grows through team work, income also grows proportionately and there is an opportunity to earn from Rs.1000/- to Rs.1,30,000/- PER WEEK.

If you made 10 pairs in a week, you get Rs.10000/- that week, Rs. 15000/- for 15 pairs, Rs.20000/- for 20 pairs and so on. The maximum possible payout is Rs.1,30,000/- per week if you achieve 130 pairs or more. Today there are over 350 people who have achieved this ceiling limit of earning Rs.1,30,000/- per week in India. The beauty of the plan is that even if any of your down line is not active, you can continue to get the income if you are active and working.

The products and services offered by the company are:
1) Ozone water purifier + Vimal suiting (3.25 Mtrs)
2) Open Microwave oven + Vimal suiting (3.25 Mtrs)
3) Energex Energy Saver + Vimal suiting (3.25 Mtrs)
4) Seiko's FOCE Executive Slim Pair watch + Vimal suiting (3.25 Mtrs)
5) Power Pack Solar lamp + Vimal suiting (3.25 Mtrs)
6) Vacuum cleaner set + Vimal suiting (3.25 Mtrs)
7) Vehicle Black Box
8) TVS Motorcycles
9) Greenex Aromatherapy products + ICICI Lombard accident Policy + Vimal suiting (3.25 Mtrs)
10) Aloe Vera Health Kit + Vimal suiting (3.25 Mtrs)
11) TATA-AIG Life insurance
12) ICICI Mediclaim Policy
13) Siyaram Premium Shirts + Suiting
14) Whirlpool Refrigerator
15) Bajaj Alliance – Unit linked Insurance Plan.

All these products are of very good quality are very useful in any household, which makes the work easy and interesting. If one is really serious about the business and is able to spare some time, there is no doubt that all the dreams in our life can be fulfilled through RMP Infotec. Please call me up on my phone, if you are interested. If you are sponsored by me, rest assured that your one leg will grow in Delhi.

Nitin Anand
Mobile: 09873211623 / E-mail: nitina78@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...
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Prasad said...
December 31, 2009 at 11:59 PM  

Contact me for any help in Mumbai. I will give full support and traning.

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